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Volunteer update

Our largest volunteer fruit!

We have been watching our youngest compost pile while the squash vine grows larger and larger.  Our volunteer for the year has put out many fruits, but we were having some trouble trying to figure out what it was going to be.  In the beginning the flowers really looked like zucchini flowers, but really, squash flowers are always big and showy!  Then I thought that the fruits were beginning to look like butternut squashes, but we have finally cottoned on to what they really are:  pumpkins!!!  I am glad that I didn’t take bets on it :*)

Barber’s Bunnies agouti baby

Today was a lovely day, in spite of what I had expected.  We had a good farmer’s market this morning and our friend Anna Barber of Barber’s Bunnies had some of her usual suspects with her, some of her babies.  They are always very cute and gorgeous German Angoras, but the one that caught my eye today is what they call an “agouti.”  It has coloring that harkens back to the wild bunny colors, and this little baby is as cute as they come.  I couldn’t stop admiring the little guy.  Too bad I am allergic to rabbits!

Summer is over

It really is.  The practical end of the summer came too fast, and back to work we went.  I am grateful in these crazy times to have a job.  It will be a new challenge and different for me this year, but I am looking forward to it.

Hurricane Irene hit us much more gently than we all thought.  My son in NJ got hammered much harder than we did.  He actually got evacuated from his apartment in Lodi.  Probably a good thing!  We lost power for part of a day, and lost a greenhouse cover, but some of the towns around us lost it for 2 or 3 days.  I really can’t complain.  I am trying to get into the school schedule which is always a tough thing to do.  Getting up at 4:30 and milking at 5:15 is a pretty big change from my summer schedule!

The chill is in the air at night, however, no matter how warm it gets during the day.  The girls down in the field are getting some extra feed and we are getting ready for breeding.  John is working hard on getting at least one of our greenhouses cleaned out.  We would like to get the whole thing moved before the winter if we can.  We shall see!  At least the compost piles are growing nicely.

Naked greenhouse gets unloaded

Vacation clean-up

John and the tractor and all that good compost!

A clear day was made for working in the paddocks!  I had a fibery field trip day yesterday with some of my spinning friends and it was a beautiful day as well.  But today we had scheduled to get the tractor into the paddocks and get some of the buildup of mud, poop and straw out of there.  John has been going into the lower paddock where we have the yearling ewes and unbred ewes as he can get in, and one day at work last week I did get a slightly crazed call from him that at least one of the ewes had helped herself out of there while he had the fence open.  So I played fence guardian.  Norma and Jingle the donkey were the two most insistent in getting out where there might be something more exciting.  We ended up taking Jingle out altogether, and I just had to keep herding Norma back in until she was tired of the game and went into the greenhouse for an afternoon siesta.  After that I got to get some cleanup done in the milking greenhouse and we just left the fence open and John must have taken at least a ton of manure out of there.

While we were working I was watching the moms and babies in the upper paddock at their afternoon rest.  Too cute for words.  A lot of the babies have just begun to cud, and watching them lying next to their moms chewing away like they are miniature replicas made me smile.  After awhile the goats began to play around the rock, and the joint was jumping. It even got warm enough for me to get into a t-shirt instead of my turtleneck.  It didn’t last long, however, as the clouds came in and it got nasty and chilly.  And rain and sleet are forecast for tomorrow.  Yuck.

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