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Sunday of a busy weekend

4 lonely dyed skeins
4 lonely dyed skeins

I am taking a Red Zinger tea break right now.  Running from one thing to the next trying to get ready for a visit from my older son and his girlfriend for Memorial Day weekend.  In reality, most of what I am doing is trying to continue getting ready for the Maine Fiber Frolic which is two short weeks from now!  Yow!  To that end, I did a little bit of yarn and lock dyeing today, but not as much as I had meant to.

Temporary pen
Temporary pen


Nutkin enjoying the green
Nutkin enjoying the green

I really needed to set up a temporary pen right outside of one of the paddocks so that I could get the three ewes and two goats in there to eat up the green stuff.  It’s just enough to begin getting their rumens ready for more.  So back I must go soon to invite them to return to their paddock.  We are supposed to be getting some fairly serious rain tonight and tomorrow, and I don’t like to have them eating drenched grass early on before they are totally out on pasture.  So they have had a few hours of fun.  And I think it’s about time for me to get back to work!

(While I am rushing from one thing to the other, I decided that I would love to listen to one of my favorite audiobooks again.  The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is an excellent read, but it’s an even better audio.  The book is a series of letters back and forth between all the characters, and the audio is done by a group of actors, so there is a male voice reading the letters from men, and female voices for the women.  It’s fantastic!  If you have a chance to give it a listen, it’s wonderful.  Post WWII Europe, Channel Islands, remembrances of the islanders’ experience during the German occupation, and a little bit of a love story all rolled into one.  Very satisfying!)

A Good yarn

3-ply sock yarn drying

Awhile ago I had some 3-ply sock yarn spun up.  Some lovely silver mohair went with the silver and white Coopworth/Border Leicester fleeces to the mill, and what came back is really beautiful.  I have been knitting with some of it, and I have some that’s natural color, but I also have been dyeing up a storm.

I had a lot of fun, mixing and painting quite a few skeins.  It wasn’t a great couple of days weather-wise, so I moved the operation indoors.  It was lovely to get many of the skeins washed, and the rest of them painted.  My only trouble is that each one that comes out of the steamer is more beautiful than the last, and I covet them all!

Painted skeins are dry

Weather and wool

Monster tracks from the bad chicken boys

And the weekend is nearly over.  Big sigh!  We had a snow day on Friday and it became a most relaxing 3 days.  As far as the goats go, things seem ok.  Everyone is looking good, although the weather has been very uncooperative.  The rain we had on Friday got rid of most of the snow and a little of the ice, and left more ice in its wake.  The paddocks are skating rinks and even the sheep and goats are skittering around on it.  The only amusing thing is that the chicken tracks in the icy snow have grown to monster proportions in the partial thaw!  They actually look pretty all over the ground.

Sweater skeins

On another front, our spinning group has decided to do a “knit-along.”  We are going to be knitting sweaters together and have chosen patterns from Knitting Pure and Simple.  The pattern I have chosen is a fairly straight-forward cardigan, and I want to knit one in the blue family.  As I have enough skeins of silver worsted wool, I decided today that I would dye them up for the project.  I need 6 skeins for the project, but I am a fairly loose knitter so I decided to dye 8 skeins.  After the first 6 skeins I was running out of my major color… so who knows how this will go?  I may have to over-dye the two extras and use them for the trim or something, but I guess I will see!

(I am not a sweater-knitting beginner, but I haven’t knit one in at least 12 years, so I am looking forward to doing this along with a group of people.  More power in numbers, or something like that!)