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Edna’s ear and poop all around

The newbies
The newbies

Today was a bright and clear day, thank goodness.  Colder than I expected because of the wind, however.  Which made the poop sample collection just a little bit more fun!

We ended up out there most of the afternoon.  When goats and sheep, and cows as well, I understand, get up from napping or resting, they usually pee and poop.   Well, I had Sam marking the spots where they pooped, but after 2, the other two of the 4 newbies had all done their business while I was collecting from the first two.  So I locked the ones I needed into a little pen that I have in the uncovered greenhouse, gave them their grain and waited.  We did not have to wait too long for Eleganza, but Edna was a poopy holdout!

I gave her hay, and gave her love pats and we chatted for quite a time, all the while the wind was feeling colder and more insistent.  It’s always the way.  Eventually we put her on a lead and walked her around the paddock, and it paid off nicely.

Edna's booboo year
Edna’s booboo year

But, the most difficult part of the day was yet to come.  We have been fussing with Edna’s eartag, as it was applied a little askew and was too tight.  The part inside her ear was tilted up and pushing up into the hole, and the darn thing was just messy.  I have been dabbing it with Betadine and trying to keep the crusties from making the distance smaller and putting more pressure on it, but after at least a week, we just couldn’t avoid taking out the tag altogether.

Edna may be small and very tame, but this obviously was very painful and she is very good at struggling and backing out of a headlock, even if you are straddling her with her hind end in a corner.  And so we moved her to the milk stand and operated.  Bellowing goats are almost as sad as screaming piggies, and of course it makes you feel awful.  There was so much swelling that neither of us could get the nippers around just the post of the tag without involving flesh.  And so since the hole was so raggedy and big that we cut away the whole plastic top of the eartag and were going to pull it out through the bottom.  Sam grabbed the two halves and they came apart, very unexpectedly.  Phew!  Our plan was not a brilliant one, but luckily it worked.  I didn’t take a photo of the messy ear with the tag still in it…  anyone who knows me knows that i am not nurse material, I am a tad squeamish, so I just didn’t want to go there (I do what needs to be done, but I can’t dwell on it!).  We soldiered through it, and I can tell that she is a much happier camper this evening.  It had to be throbbing and bothering her all the time.  Oy.  A little bloodstop powder and it’s looking fine tonight.

Phew.  I hate the messy, gooey stuff!  Kidding and lambing is fine, but  the bloody oozy puss-y messes make me a little nuts.  We will watch carefully and make sure there is no infection brewing.