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Getting ready


Spent the day yesterday cooking. Getting so close to back to work I am getting frantic to get some meals and lunches ready and into the freezer. Aside from that, this is the time of year when all the great garden stuff is ready and begging to be made into things like eggplant parmigiana!

We were given some really beautiful eggplants and Sunday I carved out some time to begin the breading and frying process. This is something that usually lands on my plate in the evening, and being more of a morning person I got up Sunday morning and that was first thing on my list, after morning chores of course. It’s always quite the process, but the freshness of the morning really helped. The weather is definitely changed for the better for me (no humidity!). Eggplant parm is just about my number one comfort food, and on a work morning when I am rushed and don’t have time to make something like a salad, it’s wonderful to be able to pull a nice little package out of the freezer.

I didn’t quite have all local ingredients, although that is always my goal. Most of the sauce was made from last years’ tomatoes, but I ran out and ended up finishing off the top layer with some Newman’s. I never calculate the sauce correctly! The eggplant came from a neighbor, the eggs came from another friend, the breadcrumbs came from Progresso and the cheese, alas, from the store as well.



Autumn has arrived

I have been feeling so scattered and pressured this beginning of the schoolyear that I have neglected to post since Labor Day Weekend.  Not for want of trying, but nothing has come together!  Every year I feel older when the start of the school year comes around and I find it more difficult to re-attune myself to this schedule.  Another thing that kept me from even thinking about taking the time out to blog is that our older son, Sam, came up for a visit and stayed a whole week!  It was a wonderful visit, I wish we lived closer to do that more often.  While he was here we had the usual lobster extravaganza.  I don’t remember eating much for dinner that night  :*/

Sam is bonding with dinner

What we did another evening, however, was to put together a huge pan of eggplant parm.  Sam loves to cook and it is always more fun to do something like that with some help.  So John had an off -night and we are even, I guess!  (I don’t eat lobster and he doesn’t eat eggplant parm).

Eggplant just out of the oven

So it has been quite a month.  September has come and gone in a blink, and today is feeling like a real autumn day.  I am looking forward to next weekend when our friend Bruce from NJ is coming up for a visit.