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Rainy weekend activity

Felted dryer balls

It was quite the rain.  Inches of it, in fact.  As my hip is still not doing that well, and my doctor definitely told me to take it easy, so I had a great time reading and making these:  dryer balls!  I had not a clue about them until very recently when our friend Kris (who also owns Coopworth sheep) showed us the ones that she sells.  Apparently they are very popular!

I am always seeking ways to keep chemicals out of our lives, and this definitely fits into that plan.  Felted wool balls that are used in the dryer instead of a dryer sheet.  Add a pin into the ball, and it helps keep down the static as well.  I had begun making some of the them a few weeks ago and I thought that I would use this as a way to stash bust some bags of roving and bits of yarn that I knew I would never use for a project.

Preparing the roving/yarn balls for the washing machine

Making the balls of roving or yarn, or a combination of both, and then popping them into a stocking and throwing them into the washer with a load of laundry is a very easy way to make any type of felt ball.  Then they are thrown into the dryer in the stocking.  After that you can run them through the laundry again if the felting is not fulled enough, or just keep them for the dryer.  As I was winding the roving at the start, I sprinkled a few drops of lavender essential oil on it.  So they smell really wonderful as well as being a helpful aid in the laundry :*)

Felting with a twist

Last week our friend Chris invited me to her house to have a day of fiber and fun.  So we decided that I would travel down to Brunswick and join her at her house for some felting and spinning.  She had been to a felting workshop where they used sanders for the felting process, so Chris taught me her process and it was a lot of fun!  I made a piece of flat felt that came out pretty nicely!  I may make a pillow top out of it, or who knows!  But we had a wonderful time and had a great visit along with the felting.  It was marvelous fun and a great day!  I love felting with a hand sander.  I must now go on a quest for one :*)  (And yes, we did have some wine with lunch!)

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