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New Year catch-up

It really has been awhile.  I can’t believe that I have been absent for so long from the blog!  The end of 2017 came and went, and it feels as though the winter is picking up speed and galloping toward the finish line, faster and faster.  Or maybe that is just wishful thinking!

The more daylight we find ourselves with, the happier I am, though.  I don’t get seasonal affective disorder or anything, but it’s just cheery to look up and realize it’s 5 PM and the sky isn’t as black as night.  I know what comes next in the weather department can be the worst of the winter, but it won’t be long.  Spring will show up one of these days!

Twig, waiting for some love pats

Our winter program for the goats has been going along fairly well, although we have had some trouble with the electrical supply to keep the water buckets from freezing.  Hopefully we can upgrade that once the weather gets warmer so that we don’t have these issues next year.  The brutal cold spell that we had earlier on in the winter is mercifully just a memory now, and we all have our fingers crossed for more middle of the road winter weather for the rest of the season.

We are, of course, beginning the countdown to goat babies.  Pippi and Saffron have the earliest dates, round about March 23.  Our only real wild card is Edna…  she must have been in stealth breeding mode, as I never caught her in heat or even with the buck.  But she looks like she has a very nice baby bump coming along, so we just have to watch her.  Everyone is looking very healthy, thankfully.  Peanut and Twig are as sweet as ever, providing a lot of cuddle opportunities every day.

And so it goes.  I am just about up and around after a good 10 days of the Type A flu.  Being asthmatic, I try to be especially careful, but this really caught me off-guard.  It was a particularly bad one.  Wishing everyone a very belated Happy New Year!

Tuesday temperature changes

Basket of dryer balls
Basket of dryer balls

I have been home for the last few days with the flu.  Yeah, didn’t dodge that bullet, but didn’t get it as badly as most folks have.  I opted to stay home today because yesterday I made myself stay up all day and it was exhausting.  Went to bed last night with a head that felt like it weighed 50 lbs.  So I got up at near usual time this a.m. and decided that it wasn’t going to be a green light for work.   The temperatures outside have fallen today, and it was lovely to do chores in slightly more winter-like weather.

What I did get done today was to finish some of my custom orders for dryer balls.  A very nice project for putting one’s feet up and playing with roving and yarn.  I just love these things, and some of my co-workers are very excited about them as well.  I love the fact that I can cut out another source of chemicals from our lives, so it’s a total win for me (we use these instead of dryer sheets or fabric softener).  I wish I could just keep the basket on the table for a decoration… they are all so different and so lovely!

Newly blooming African violet on the coffee table next to a stand of Peace Fleece knitting needles!
Newly blooming African violet on the coffee table next to a jar of Peace Fleece knitting needles!

I also have been admiring one of our violets which is beginning to bloom again after I repotted it last summer.  Small joys for the day!

Foggy day

Foggy afternoon
Foggy afternoon

In more ways than one!  My hopes on skating past the flu have been dashed, and I am home with the chills, fever, aches and head stuff.  If it doesn’t get worse than this I will consider myself lucky.  Hanging out on the sofa with Tesser the Chihuahua drinking tea.  Not good times, but not as bad as it could be.

The day has matched my foggy head.  The snow is still on the ground and the air temps are still up there in the 40s, so the fog has lurked over the snow all day.  No sun anywhere that I can see.  I think I heard that those temperatures are going to be dropping quite a bit overnight.  January thaw, it’s time to exit!

It’s getting closer to chore time, so I guess I will take some more ibuprofen and get ready.

Friday night is finally here

Snowy landscape
Snowy landscape

It’s here!  Very exciting stuff.  The week has been quite the eventful one because the flu has hit our local high school pretty hard.  As the week has progressed, more students have dropped every day along with a good chunk of the faculty (up to about 43% of the student body).  I rotate between the high school and the middle school, so hopefully I have not come as face-to-face with the offending virus as closely as I might have.  My sinuses are stuffy and a scratchy throat has plagued me this week, along with a little wheezing, but over all, I am REALLY glad to be home and am ready for a very relaxing weekend!

Daytime temps have been above freezing all week, so I have re-acclimatized to not piling on quite as many layers, and chores have been a relaxing pleasure.  Having one less goat to milk has made a huge difference in the quality of chore time, and I am enjoying a few extra minutes with my girls at each milking.  Chevre-making is going ahead at two batches a week, so I am able to sock away a really nice stock for the dry months.  I had been considering going down to one milking a day in preparation for drying off the does, but I think that I will put that off for another few weeks.  I love the routine and the contact with the does.  And I can’t imagine life without them.