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A little night music

Autumn paddock

The late autumn weather is definitely upon us.  We just had the second of two big windstorms in the last two weeks, and during both we lost power, as well as many of the remaining leaves.  During the nor’ easter two weeks ago, the power was out for 4 days (3 of which I spent in NY, lucky me!).  This past Friday we lost power about 5 a.m. and it came back on yesterday about noon, which wasn’t so bad.  We have a large generator which is partially hooked up to the electrical panel, so once my husband gets the generator going, he just has to get into the basement and flip a master switch or something (I don’t go into the basement anymore as it is a gymnastic event, jumping down through a 4′ door onto an upturned bucket, etc., etc.  Not for arthritic me!).  We have a few kitchen lights, bathroom lights, hot and cold water, tv and internet.  And we have the wood stove, so we are not roughing it, by any means.  It does take a trip into town each day for more gas for the generator, which can get expensive!

Winnie in the weeds, looking for crickets and grasshoppers, yum!

The weather is forecasting cooler and cooler nights from now on, and we have had two or three mornings of pretty hard frosts.  Winnie and I always walk up to the paddocks where the goats lived, and there she hunts grasshoppers and crickets to her heart’s content, as the long grass is alive with them.  I love hanging out up there to listen to the cricket song, and even after dark when we go up, there is a chorus to meet us.

But, last night we sat and sat, and there was no night music.  :*(   There was none this morning, either, and I am hoping the sunny afternoon wakes them up.  I enjoy winter and the seasonal changes, but I really, really miss the song of the insects and tree frogs when it gets cold.

Ah well, this too shall return!  In the meantime, I am wondering what Texas Winnie is going to think of snow!  She could be getting her first taste of it on Friday, we shall see!

Embrace the hat

Morning chores have become hat weather at last!  I am not too upset by that, I have been looking forward to the frosty mornings.  Even when it’s getting into the 50s and lower 60s during the day, at 5:15 AM it’s definitely chilly.  The longjohns have made their appearance (but the old, holey ones, not the newer, thick and heavy ones!), and in the last two mornings, so has the hat.

Hats and I do not have a great history.  When my hair was long they had to be extra large to fit all of my hair under, and I have never thought that any hats looked great on me, anyway.  But doing chores without one is not a possibility, so I have embraced the knitted cap!  I got a passably nice one at Mexicali Blues a number of years ago and I have abused that one to the extreme.  Last winter a friend of ours, Chris, surprised me with a handknit birthday cap!  It’s wonderful, I love it, and it fits much better than the other one.  (Alpine Topper from Halcyon Yarn).

Our grandson’s stuffed lamb agreed to pose for the photo, and the hat always seems to have hay permanently attached:

The stuffed lambie wanted more exposure than just his feet!

Surprise birthday hat 🙂