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Labor Day weekend

This has been one of the most relaxing and beautiful Labor Day weekends that I can remember.  After Tropical Storm Earl exited the area on Saturday fairly early in the day, we could feel the cooler, drier air begin to arrive.  Early in the evening I picked up another wonderful book, this time a young adult novel set in Greece during WWII.  Couldn’t put it down!  (War Games by Audrey and Akila Couloumbis).  Yesterday was the last hurrah of the Pemaquid Point Farmer’s Market and the day couldn’t have been more accommodating.  From where we had our table set up we could see Muscongus Bay rolling in with little white caps, as well as the Pemaquid Point lighthouse.  Not a difficult chore!  Lots of nice folks came by and had a chat as well.

Debris from the fiber dyeing adventure

And then today our friend Chris from Brunswick came by to get a little lesson in yarn and fiber dyeing, so we set up our stuff in the driveway and went at it.  It was a lot of fun.

JD in the inch-worm type tree stand

The men were having their fun as well:  our son had picked up a new tree stand, so he tried it out in the front of the house.  You can just see John in his blue shirt and jeans to the right of the tree that JD was inching his way up!