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The bees


Today my husband was chugging down the driveway on the tractor and he stopped to watch the one of our two hives that actually has bees in it.  We had lost both hives awhile back and had not bought new packages of bees as they are very expensive.  So we were happy last season when a swarm found the hive and moved in.  We couldn’t believe it.  It had not been well cleaned after the last group died off, but they very industriously cleaned house and have been there since.

P1000517When we had the really cold snap I was not sure that they would survive.  We have not wrapped the hives ever, but we also didn’t harvest any honey in the fall.  But I do know that a bee colony can die within the vicinity of a full larder.  You just never know.  We are just happy that for now, they appear to be a healthy group.  Fingers crossed that they will make it through the spring and summer!