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Really missing my dad

This time of year is always a little sad.  It is the 37th anniversary of my father’s death.  I was 19 or 20 when he was killed by a drunk driver on the evening of January 30th, revived, and lived for 1.5 days, then died on this date.  I was living in Jerusalem at the time and by the time I reached NY, he was already dead.

The Herman Miller desk, with my dad's old sorting box

I was poking around over the weekend and decided that I needed to clean off the desk up in our loft.  I am a collector of paper piles and tend to move them from one place to another (what a shock!).  I really need to use the desk, which was my dad’s, and got to cleaning and sorting.  It is a vintage 1940s or early ’50s Herman Miller piece.  My father loved their Herman Miller furniture, and we still have some of the cabinets and the desk.  After my dad died my mom used the desk as a dressing table, and it’s been neglected, dripped on and ignored.  The wood is very dry, and when I moved it up to Maine it got pretty scratched in my very unprofessional packing of the truck.  I had the chance to give it a coat of some wax with lavender essential oil, so I hope it helps.  It definitely looks and feels a lot better.  I do this every year or so, and it never seems to make much difference, but even with all its scratches and stains, I adore it!

My dad would have loved what we are doing here in Maine.  He was looking forward to an early retirement, and had always wanted a flock of chickens and a much bigger garden than they were able to have in the house that I did most of my growing up in.  He loved his garden and loved to cook, like all of his siblings.  He gave me a lot of opportunities in life and we were very close.  He never knew my boys, and now our grandboy, but I am always aware of his love and calm perspective on life.  He was a great guy, and it really never gets easier not having him around.