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Thursday fiber

Little India is the dark one standing slightly behind Nutkin the white ewe lamb
Little India is the dark one standing slightly behind Nutkin the white ewe lamb.  They both have such pretty faces!

It doesn’t look like August from that photo!  John has picked up some dump truck driving jobs this week so I have been messing around the house trying to get some things done that need some sunlight and a little breeze (and I also have not been able to pick up my little car yet as John hasn’t been home at a decent hour to get me over there!).   I never had gotten to skirting the two fleeces that came off of our two ewes who are out of sync with the shearing of the rest of the bunch, so I am tackling the dark fleece today.  Little India is a small ewe, which is one reason she never went to the butcher last fall, but she has such a beautiful, dark fleece that I am glad she hung around.

Gorgeous locks of fiber
Gorgeous locks of fiber

I don’t think that I will get an enormous amount from the fleece.  She was coated most of the year, but as I thought she was going to be shorn one weekend, she got tangled in her coat, I removed it, and then the shearing didn’t happen until the next, or maybe two weeks later. Which means that she does have a little more veggie matter in her fleece than I would have liked, but Coopworth and Border Leicester fleeces have such open locks that most of it will shake out as I pick it for spinning.  It’s beautiful.  I have some washing up in the sink right now.

I had hopes that it would spin up to be enough for a vest, but probably not.  It all depends on how much I end up with after washing.  We shall see!  There’s always something to do with some lustrous black fleece…


Foggy summer morning

The morning pose
The morning pose

One of my favorite kinds of mornings, when I have the chance to be home and enjoy it. Air is coming in from Muscongus Bay, bringing with it the smell of the ocean and some mist.  It really is almost August!

Had a visit from our grandboy for the weekend which was lovely.  Got a little bit of the Corriedale fiber spun on my big Jensen production wheel, much to his delight.  He was smitten with the lovely machine and also very respectful of it, thank goodness.  I don’t know what he thinks of fiber, but he was definitely delighted with the wheel.

Little India's fleece, so dark it's difficult to photograph
Little India’s fleece, so dark it’s difficult to photograph

Today I really need to get onto skirting the two fleeces that Emily sheared for us last week.  It’s beautiful fiber.  Beezus is the ewe who had the prepubic tendon rupture just before her first and only lambing in 2012. We had not considered having her stick around so last September when Emily came to shear the market lambs I had her shear Beezus, thinking she would have to go to the butcher and become sausage.  After we got her summer fleece off we realized that her rupture had remained the size it was when it happened.  So we decided to keep her around for her gorgeous blue fleece, and hope that she remains healthy.

Beezus' fleece
Beezus’ fleece

And Little India the black ewe born in 2012 hung around as well!  No butcher for her!  Her fleece is lustrous and dark, so I am glad we kept her to be a fleece machine as well :*)