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Vacation and remembrance

February break.  It’s here.  I am loafing and watching the opening Olympics ceremonies, dishes in the sink and all, hoping that we have some nice weather for the week ahead.  I would love to enjoy decent temperatures and spend some time with my grandson as well as with the sheep and goats.  Aside from that, I would love to get some fibery things started as well, maybe even get the loom warped.  Ye gads!  A miracle!  The YarnHarlot is doing her Knitting Olympics again during this year’s winter games and I was very tempted to sign up for a knitted challenge.  But I just think it’s setting myself up for failure.  My time is so fractured that I don’t know what I could accomplish.  I have been meaning to start a sweater for our grandboy, but I am thinking that it should be in a size meant for next winter.  He’s growing so fast I am not certain that he would get any use out of it this year by the time I finish it!

I have also spent a lot of time this week trying to figure out if I could get to the memorial service for a very dear, old friend of the family tomorrow in NY.  I was holding out hope that my husband and I could at least make a speed run down in time for the 11 a.m. service in the morning, but between getting the farm chores taken care of and wondering whether my bursitis hips and sciatica could survive the 14 hour round trip, the planning stalled.  I know we won’t make it.  But we will be thinking of you, Ken, there in spirit, knowing that the celebration of your life will be a joyous one.