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A Summery holiday weekend

The day began with heavy fog and clouds, but it has finished up as a gorgeous, sunny afternoon.  I am afraid that it’s the non-stop Fiber Frolic preparation weekend, but we were pleasantly surprised with some unexpected company this afternoon as well.

Carded batts

Our friend Jocelyn, of the Salt Bay Treadlers, came up to get some goat milk for a litter of baby bunnies that she has had born at her place.  Beautiful chocolate angora bunnies, but a large litter for the first time mama.  So we had a chance to have a nice visit, and she helped me pick some clean fleece to get it ready to put through the carder.  Before I knew it, our son and grandson had stopped by for a visit and we had a lovely time.  They had been to the beach and Sawyer was full of news about their fun.  Nothing like a 3 year old to provide a lot of exciting chatter!

And so the day has flown by.  I am happily sitting here in my shorts and t-shirt, sipping a glass of wine with a slice of John’s wonderful semolina bread, while the steak is on the grill.  Can’t do much better than that!  In a little over two weeks the school year will be over, and the hard work will begin 🙂

Snow day

We finally are having some weather that looks a lot more like the season.  Snow, and plenty of it, is still falling.  They are promising freezing rain, sleet and ice for tonight.  I hope the powers-that-be at least call a delayed opening for tomorrow… I don’t want another trip to work like the last ice “event” (terrifying doesn’t even begin to describe it).

Quartet of breads

All in all it’s been a very lovely day.  John baked up some loaves of semolina bread, I did some reading, got a short nap and movie screening in, and just generally had a relaxing few hours.  Tesser and I had a chance to spend some quality time together, and now I am contemplating dinner.  Hmmm.  It’s almost too much for this relaxed brain to consider!