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And so ends November

Girls, Lucky and Jingle the Donkey in the field

Breeding time has pretty much come and gone.  All of our girls have been marked by Lucky, the crossbred ram that was born on our farm and then went to live at Hatchtown Farm (he was destined to go to the butcher as a market lamb, but he had had pneumonia and none of us thought he would really grow… but guess what?  He did!  That’s why he’s “Lucky”).  He is a very, very sweet boy, and even though I always watch over my shoulder when I am in an enclosure with a ram or a buck, Lucky is such a sweetie that I am always able to just relax and enjoy being with the girls and their guy.  He never fails to come up and sniff my hands, just in case I have a hidden treat, and then he’ll walk away.

So it’s that time of year when things start to slow down outside, and we can now go into the winter, dreaming of the beautiful lambs and kids we will be having come next March and April.  As much as I really hate losing the daylight, I do appreciate the turn of the seasons.  And then hard on the heels of Thanksgiving is Hanukkah this year, which I always love for its images of light, renewal and hope.  And then we have the winter solstice, when we can start watching the almanac and counting the minutes of daylight that we re-gain every day!  And so it goes, as Linda Ellerbee always said :*)