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A few nice days

Sam, having some fun with the little ones

It was such a treat to have some warmer temperatures, although the wind never seemed to let up.  But the sun was marvelous, and all the mammals on the farm took advantage of it and played and sat in the sunshine.

Back into the colder and more dreary weather.  Tomorrow we may see some snow.  At any rate, it can’t hang around long, I hope!


What have they done with the sun

Really! This is ridiculous. They promised sun today, but we woke up to frantic snow showers, then drizzle, then just more grey. I am wildly optimistic for tomorrow, because I need to believe that there will be sun there at least for awhile. Sigh.

As the week wound down, at least we had a Friday afternoon that was not only mild, but precipitation free. I had the chance to get home in time to sit on the big rock and have a lovely half hour with the goatie girls. They are so sweet, and they listen to anything with rapt attention, as long as you let them nibble on your gloves, hair and jacket. (I draw the line at nibbling on my face and ears!).

So today was not a winner, but hopefully tomorrow will be, because the coming week does not look bright and cheery! I am still dragging from the cold, but I slept like a dead thing last night and didn’t even think about getting up until 6:40. Very late for me, but I guess it was a good thing as I felt quite perky today.

Listening to some good music while dinner is in the oven (Indigo Girls, Idan Raichel, Gypsy Kings, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Etti Ankri, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell). Maybe some knitting is in order. And if the clouds would just pass, maybe we will see the epic Geminid meteor showers tonight. The skies up here are certainly dark enough for the show!