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Autumnal images

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As usual, the week is flying by, punctuated by meetings both before and after school.  We have really launched into the autumnal weather, forcing us to finally break down and turn on the heat. The leaves are quickly turning color, and after the heavy rains this past Monday night, Tuesday morning became my first official ride to work on roads covered with wet, slippery leaves.  It’s always an adventure!

The really beautiful part of this time of year for me is not only the trees, but the sky.  When I think of it I am trying to post photos to Instagram (ruitfarmnorth on Instagram), and most of those recently have been interesting and beautiful sky shots.  This morning I was driving to work and as I came around a curve on Route 32 in Waldoboro, I pulled to the side to take an amazing one of the dawn sky over Broad Bay.  (If I had waited for the next curve, I could have gotten a view of that sky over a foggy hillside that falls down to the water… but there was not place to pull over on that one!)

I had to include two of my favorite things here that represent the passing of one season into another, which are the tomato salad and the beets in the roasting pan.  Very sad to see the tomato season over, but definitely looking forward to root vegetable time of year.


Getting ready


Spent the day yesterday cooking. Getting so close to back to work I am getting frantic to get some meals and lunches ready and into the freezer. Aside from that, this is the time of year when all the great garden stuff is ready and begging to be made into things like eggplant parmigiana!

We were given some really beautiful eggplants and Sunday I carved out some time to begin the breading and frying process. This is something that usually lands on my plate in the evening, and being more of a morning person I got up Sunday morning and that was first thing on my list, after morning chores of course. It’s always quite the process, but the freshness of the morning really helped. The weather is definitely changed for the better for me (no humidity!). Eggplant parm is just about my number one comfort food, and on a work morning when I am rushed and don’t have time to make something like a salad, it’s wonderful to be able to pull a nice little package out of the freezer.

I didn’t quite have all local ingredients, although that is always my goal. Most of the sauce was made from last years’ tomatoes, but I ran out and ended up finishing off the top layer with some Newman’s. I never calculate the sauce correctly! The eggplant came from a neighbor, the eggs came from another friend, the breadcrumbs came from Progresso and the cheese, alas, from the store as well.


You know it’s August when

One of my favorite meals, with John’s beautiful semolina bread, of course!

the crickets are drowning out the cicada song, you get dive-bombed by gransshoppers while walking through the long grass, the ram lambs begin to get testy with each other and begin to curl their upper lip in the hopes that a female might be in the neighborhood, native Maine blueberries are crowded on every farmstand, the mornings are misty and snippets of the disembodied voices of lobstermen calling to one another travel up the hill for a visit, and the nights are beginning to be cooler and crisper.  And the tomatoes from the garden are definitely delicious with fresh mozzarella drizzled with olive oil and herbs from the garden!

(And unfortunately, the days are getting noticeably shorter…)