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Tour de Fleece

Mystery wool singles yarn

Tour de Fleece usually comes and goes and I totally miss joining in.  This year, however, I am having loads of fun with it!  (This is a program for handspinners who spin as much fiber as they can during the Tour de France.  We join into teams and go for it, spinning on all the days the riders are competing, and see how much we can get accomplished.  I am on Team PortFiber, a group associated with a lovely fiber arts shop in Portland, Maine).

I have spent the first 6 days of the Tour spinning up some wool roving that is a “mystery” blend I bought from Jenny of Underhill Fibers.  It was a bit of a challenge, even for me!  The blue wool is a long staple sheep’s wool, and the white bits are fluffy little short bits.  So getting them to all spin up together was a little challenging, but fun.  I love the yarn – it’s bouncy, soft and light.  I don’t know what I will do with it, I only have about 532 yards, but perhaps it will make a nice woven scarf.  Who knows!  I can’t stop for long and think about it, I must get back to Touring the Fleece!

Finished 2 ply yarn

I still have a bit of work to do on my big production spinning wheel, however, before I get back to work. I was nearly finished plying the blue and white singles into a two ply, the wheel’s drive band frayed and jumped off the wheel. I was watching closely and playing chicken with it for that last short skein, and I lost :*<.   But, I hand plied what was left and it all came out just fine.

Anyhow, now on to some new spinning after getting a new band on that big wheel.  I can get going on my smaller traveling wheel, a Jensen Tina II, now if I want, and I just may do that and save the maintenance job for later.  I think I saw some camel/silk roving in my stash, and I also have a pound of a flax/wool roving that is going to be lots of fun.  I will have to let you know!


Summer games

Olympics.  Wimbledon.  Tour de France.  There is no end to the athletic goings-on this summer.  I enjoy watching the swimming and the gymnastics as well as the equestrian trials during the Olympics.  The road races and the other things not so much.  I am always in awe of the training that athletes must commit to in order to get to this level and it’s difficult not to get glued to the tv during this time.

Hanging out in the field

But then I am reminded that when summer comes farmers have their own summer games!  Moving those heavy electric nets around a field in the heat and the humidity, cleaning out the storage areas and getting new hay in, feeding up the market lambs as well as sorting fleece and trying to get everything ready before breeding time is here.  And maybe even selling a few lambs to be breeding stock instead of going to freezer camp.  It seems endless in the middle of it all, but I know that in a blink of an eye it will be over and we will be ferrying the girls home from the field and it will be time to hunker down for winter.  And maybe indulge in a few winter games!