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Fuzzy’s ordeal

Fuzzy Lumpkin gets down to work on Sunday morning

Saturday we had a very relaxing day.  Our friend Chris came over and we had some fun time with the lambs, and then just sat and chatted for awhile before going over to Hatchtown Farm‘s ram shearing late in the afternoon.  That was a wonderful time, handling those gorgeous and incredibly large fleeces!  Then we all went out to the Thai restaurant in town and relaxed and had a good laugh.

That night we kept our eye on Fuzzy Lumpkin as I had seen her checking out every corner of the paddock and greenhouse.  She wasn’t pawing the ground, but it looked like she was setting the scene.  Sunday morning I hopped out of bed at 6 or so, and headed straight up to the paddock.  All the girls were milling around the feeders except for Fuzzy.  She was in the greenhouse, way at the back, licking something off.  I was trying to see what was going on without disturbing her, so I checked out the other pregnant ewes in the yard and then went in to see her.  She was working very hard on a very small, dead ewe lamb.  I doubt that she had much trouble giving birth, the lamb was only 5 pounds, and had been dead for at least a week if not more, in my opinion.  Fuzzy was also pawing at the ground and had a nice waterbag out, so I started milking the goats and getting everyone else their feed.  It became clear that Fuzzy was having difficulty by the time I got finished with chores and I realized there was no feet or nose presenting themselves.  I couldn’t even feel a head or a butt or a tail.  So I called our friend Pam and she came over and helped us get to the bottom of it.  We really thought there were two front feet coming out, but then Pam saw the tail and she turned him pulled him.  A beautiful, 14 lb 10 oz white ram.  We spent a long time making sure he could get going and got a bellyfull of colostrum, and then Fuzzy decided it was time to have the next lamb.  And that one wasn’t happening either.  It was another breech boy and again!  We have never seen that before.  And we are very grateful that Pam isn’t lambing yet at her farm and that she had the time to come and help us out!

It may look bad, but the boys are only bloody because they were searching for milk near where Fuzzy was expelling her placenta

Both of the boys are doing well and are very sturdy rams.  We couldn’t tell the difference between number 1 ram and number 2 ram so we marked one’s rear end with some iodine and then later I went out and put a dab of indelible blue magic marker on the bottom of his tail.  Tomorrow we will dock and tag them and then hopefully no one will lose a tag.  We are very pleased with Fuzzy’s boys.  She is a great mother, just like her mother Sophie!


Mae and Rhubarb

Mae and her boys

Mae is finally up and looking quite a bit better today.  Her ears are not drooping and she has been eating steadily all morning.  We will have to keep treating her for the milk fever, but I hope she is as on the mend as she seems to be.

We let Lupine and her gigundas lamb out this morning as well as Bonbel and her two petite twin does.  They frolicked in the sun and then each of the doelings cozied up with some lambs. That was a surprise!

Rosie's ram lambs are cozy with one of Bonbel's doelings

After I fed everyone breakfast this morning I couldn’t find Rhubarb.  She was off in the corner in labor.  So we moved her into her own pen and she proceeded to have triplets!  The last one was breach which I couldn’t see until she pretty much had her out under her own steam.  I only had to help a little.  Two white doelings and a brown buck.  She did a great job as usual.  Wow.  What a day!  And it’s only a little after noon.  First two are out and dry

Brother and sister wait for the next one
All triplets are accounted for

Meadow has triplets and Bonbel surprises us all

Meadow's triplets

And so it goes… I was on my way out to feed our little bottle boys on Monday evening and I found that Meadow had had her lambs (I had her penned, just in case).  Triplets!  So we have two more white rams, and an absolutely gorgeous black ewe.  I am really psyched to have a Meadow ewe lamb.  (Last year’s Meadow ewe got crushed in a ewe stampede).  As Meadow is getting older, this may be her last year.  So I am very excited!  And this ewe definitely has her father’s fleece.  Large crimp and very dark!  Wow!  Meadow is a good mama and makes sure that her babies are all getting their share of her milk, but I will have to keep my eye on them to make sure.

Today my husband called me at work to tell me that when he was going out to feed Rosie’s bottle lambs, he found our yearling doe, Bonbel, with two little white does.  They are beautiful!  She doesn’t have much of an udder on her either, so I am going to decide tonight whether or not to pull the babies in and just bottle feed them.  It’s nice to have bottle fed milkers as they are easier to handle in the future, but I love to let their mom mother them up as well.  Oh well, we shall see what happens.  If the two girls lose body temperature, I will haul them in.  And I would love to know what the deal is with the goat colors:  we get gorgeous bucks of all different patterns and colors, and all the does end up being white!

Bonbel's does